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The Exhibition

Welcome to Mingulay
An outline of the island of Mingulay.

The Outer Hebridean island of Mingulay, or ‘Big Isle’ translated from Old Norse, is only the size of a village, at 2 ½ x 1 ½  miles (4 x 2.5 km)

In the absence of humans, Nature has reclaimed Mingulay

And yet, it calls us back.  
Ach fhathast tha i gar gairm air ais.

And three photographers have answered that call.

Robert Moyes Adam

Image courtesy of the Adam Family Collection

  • Photographed the island before and after it was abandoned.
  • Was interested in the flora and fauna of the place.

Margaret Fay Shaw

Image courtesy of Canna House Photography Collections, © National Trust for Scotland

  • Documented Mingulay between 1930 and 1934, when it was only used in the summer to graze livestock.
  • Focused on the remnants of the cottages and stark cliffs, temporarily filled by people and animals.

Craig Easton

Craig Easton is looking right, away from the camera. He is wearing glasses and a dark coat.

Image courtesy of Lottie Davies

  • Inspired by Adam’s photographs, Easton decides to explore Mingulay in August 2021.
  • Aims to capture how much the island has changed – or not.
  • See more on Craig’s website.

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The entrance to the Wardlaw Museum, with an open gate on the right.

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